Organum Ltd is a company based in Oxford UK specialising in printed and handwritten optical music recognition. As well as the PlayScore engine RSL, CEO Anthony Wilkes created the handwritten music recognition engine in the popular NotateMe app, and the PhotoScore application from Neuratron Ltd.  As a musician Anthony plays mainly orchestral and chamber music and studied cello with Caroline Bosanquet and Rohan de Saram, and piano with Christopher Hogwood.  You can see Anthony’s composer’s page on the IMSLP free music site.

The user interface for PlayScore 2 is designed and created by James Sutton at Dolphin Computing, a UK company based in Cambridge.  James also plays the violin and cuts down trees.  Dolphin publish the popular music notation rendering system SeeScore SDK and the SeeScore 2 app.  You can see licensing information at

The Android version of PlayScore 2 was created by Chris Coomber.

The Windows version of PlayScore 2 was created by Stefano Lanza.

The user interface of PlayScore 2 for Android makes use of some open source software including Android PDF viewer, Android MIDI Library, CWAC Security, SwipeLayout and TinySoundFont.