Take a square, well-lit, sharp photo with a modern smartphone, and this software is miraculous. I shot 7-8 sheets of guitar music, and it got 99% of the notes perfectly, so I bought the $10 pro version. Complainers: use the lite version to check whether your camera and processor is good enough. Not to give you valuable software for free. Software developers cost $$$ money. Photoscore and Smartscore are about $200. Playscore pro is only $10. That is an amazing bargain for very cool software.

It worked perfectly for me. I have a Google pixel 3 phone which has an excellent camera. I took the picture in bright light & it worked first try. It played the tune back, allowing me to set the tempo with a built in metronome. This is awesome, no idea such an app existed.

It worked out perfict for me. It every niw and then will skip a note but not ever too many . it has helped me learn super fast jazz song. Onw thing that woild make it better is if it had the option to choose an instroment ither than piano. Because i play the clarinet and it woild make things a little easier.

Absolutely brilliant!!! I am using The Essential Phone, and It actually works very well! Didn’t think this kind of thing existed and thought it should be created. Now i have it! Thanks so much! Im showing all my friends!!!

oh my gosh! this thing is awesome! I love reading old hymn books. but I never know how all the songs sound! now I do! thank you so so much

I’m in 8th grade saxophonist and I downloaded this because I have my chair test and it is easier to do when I know if I am close to how it should sound and this appis quite helpful because now I know how I am playing it whether it is close to how should sound or not.