MIDI vs MusicXML

What’s the difference between MIDI vs MusicXML? As PlayScore 2 can convert sheet music to MIDI or MusicXML for import into music notation software, we’re going to tell you a bit more about MIDI vs MusicXML in this blog and how you can use them. MIDI The term MIDI (short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) describes an [...]

Notion 6 Music Notation Software Review

Notion 6 for musicians and composers blends professional music notation software (e.g., import/export audio, MIDI and MusicXML to PlayScore 2) with DAW capabilities. Notion 6 music notation software is a professional standard program for music creators. Notion 6 has all the features expected from music notation software, such as importing and exporting capabilities across audio, MIDI and MusicXML [...]

Noteflight Music Notation Software Review

Noteflight Music Notation Software is a browser-based application designed to enable users to create, teach, share, sell and purchase music. Noteflight Music Notation Software is a multi-functional browser-based application. The Noteflight programs are interesting because they run online, unlike most traditional software that is downloaded onto a device. Noteflight software is compatible across all devices, and the ethos [...]

Finale Music Notation Software Review

Finale music notation software is a powerful, industry standard program used by some of the world’s best composers, arrangers, engravers and music publishers. Favoured thanks to its ease of use and high-quality sound and print results, Finale version 26 offers intuitive automation options: users can streamline their process by customising favourite commands, and this version boasts improved recognition of [...]

PlayScore Tutorial – Swing Rhythm Playback

PlayScore Sheet Music Player Tutorial - Swing Rhythm Playback on YouTube PlayScore takes traditional sheet music scanning to the next level. Using the latest techniques in Optical Music Recognition (OCR for music), PlayScore plays music naturally and smoothly. PlayScore 2 has free rhythm playback online and even reads rhythms in swing mode. PlayScore Sheet Music Scanner Tips [...]

Sibelius Music Notation Software Tutorial

Sibelius Music Notation Software Tutorial Learn how to play sheet music and import PDF to Sibelius Music Notation Software with PlayScore. PlayScore 2 is the ideal sheet music player app. 0:28​ Scan sheet music  1:05​ PDF sheet music 1:39​ Sheet music playback 2:56​ Convert PDF to Sibelius file. 3:32​ Import PDF to Sibelius. 4:33​ Play sheet music [...]

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