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Types of Guitar

Nowadays we have many different types of guitar, however the instrument has a fascinating history, as the guitar’s true origin has never been conclusively proven. Similar stringed instruments evolved over the years, but we do know that the guitar as we know it developed in Spain. Because the lute was a popular stringed instrument during the Renaissance, many believed [...]

Religious Music

Religious music (also known as sacred music) is defined as anything that has been written as devotional to any given faith. Many stone tablets depicting hymns have been uncovered from ancient times, with The Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal believed to be the oldest piece of religious music ever to be uncovered at over 3,400 years old. You can listen [...]

Music For Trad Jazz Bands

Traditional jazz, also known as ‘trad jazz’ describes a style formed in Britain in the 1950s and 60s that was a revival of New Orleans Dixieland jazz. Dixieland, (also referred to as ‘hot jazz’ or ‘traditional jazz’) originated in the 1910s and as a combination of African American New Orleans ragtime and Sicilian music. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band made [...]

Free Hymns

Thanks to 21st Century technology you can find an abundance of free hymns online, whether you’re looking for information, sheet music, or recordings. The word hymn is of Greek origin and translates as “a song of praise”. Interestingly, some of the oldest notated hymns discovered have been Greek texts, and there is also a great history in the Egyptian [...]

Country Music

Country music (or country and western) refers to a broad genre with notable origins in blues, cowboy Western and American folk music styles. Additional influences of country stemmed from folk music, ballads and songs from the English, Irish and Scottish settlers in the south of America. The Appalachian and southern mountainous areas were known for traditional fiddle and string [...]

Concert Etiquette

Concert etiquette can be a sticky subject as some rules are universally acknowledged whilst others can vary according to culture and concert. Most rules of good etiquette are generally agreed upon, and these revolve around minimising distracting noises and behaviour such as the incorrect timing of applause, and appropriate dress expectations. It’s good to remember the reason we have etiquette [...]

App For Recorder Players

PlayScore 2 is an app for recorder players that really makes a difference.  What PlayScore 2 can do is little short of revolutionary.  An essential tool for any musician. Practicing the recorder Vital as it is, anyone who plays in a musical ensemble knows the limitations of practicing on one’s own.  An ensemble session is always going to be [...]

App For Chamber Musicians

PlayScore 2 is an app for string chamber musicians that augments the paper score with a magic active score that can not only play the music, but that you can use to practice and to learn how the music and the ensemble fits together. Most music notation apps either 1)  Display music so the music as a substitute for [...]

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