Music Scanning Software

Choral Music

Choral music is defined as music that is sung by a choir with two or more voices assigned to each part. This is a huge umbrella term for all of the different ensemble groupings and techniques that choral music can encompass, and there are lots of styles and functions that can be performed within this definition. Historically, the beginnings [...]

Playing Piano Duets

Playing piano duets often comes as a welcome treat to players because so much piano music is self-sufficient and solitary. Piano duets are also known as ‘piano four hands’ to differentiate between a two-piano duet, which is traditionally referred to as a ‘piano duo’. The piano duet became popular in the mid-late 18th Century thanks to composers such as [...]

Singing In A Girl Band

Singing in a girl band has been a popular route for all-female ensembles since the 1920s surge of vaudeville performances and barbershop styles. Girl groups and close harmony singing groups have evolved with the times, moving through popular music genres through the decades into the present day. Modern girl bands now include a diverse range of music styles that [...]

What is MusicXML

MusicXML is an interchange format for music notation. MusicXML is the lingua franca of music for electronic devices because it can be read in virtually any notation software. While MIDI is still an excellent tool for sharing music files, MusicXML is superior when you are working with notation as this format was built specifically for notation as it obeys [...]

What is Optical Music Recognition?

What is Optical Music Recognition? Optical Music Recognition (OMR) is a way for computers to ‘read’ music and turn the information into a format that provides audio playback, editing options, and can be converted into different digital formats. Optical Music Recognition software was pioneered at MIT in the 1960s when document scanners were first beginning to become available. In [...]

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