PlayScore Tutorial – Swing Rhythm Playback

PlayScore Sheet Music Player Tutorial - Swing Rhythm Playback on YouTube PlayScore takes traditional sheet music scanning to the next level. Using the latest techniques in Optical Music Recognition (OCR for music), PlayScore plays music naturally and smoothly. PlayScore 2 has free rhythm playback online and even reads rhythms in swing mode. PlayScore Sheet Music Scanner Tips [...]

Sibelius Music Notation Software Tutorial

Sibelius Music Notation Software Tutorial Learn how to play sheet music and import PDF to Sibelius Music Notation Software with PlayScore. PlayScore 2 is the ideal sheet music player app. 0:28​ Scan sheet music  1:05​ PDF sheet music 1:39​ Sheet music playback 2:56​ Convert PDF to Sibelius file. 3:32​ Import PDF to Sibelius. 4:33​ Play sheet music [...]

Music Scanner App – Playscore 2 Review & Tutorial

Music Scanner App PlayScore 2 Review & Tutorial - By Music Repo on YouTube Step-by-Step Video Tutorial and Review of Playscore 2 2:00 Photograph a score from within Playscore 2 2:32 Demonstration of photographing and playback of score 2:50 Tempo adjustment 3:14 Adding multiple pages from sheet music 3:29 Staff settings – change instrument sounds, volume of [...]

Country Music

Country music (or country and western) refers to a broad genre with notable origins in blues, cowboy Western and American folk music styles. Additional influences of country stemmed from folk music, ballads and songs from the English, Irish and Scottish settlers in the south of America. The Appalachian and southern mountainous areas were known for traditional fiddle and string [...]

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