PlayScore Users

App For Recorder Players

PlayScore 2 is an app for recorder players that really makes a difference.  What PlayScore 2 can do is little short of revolutionary.  An essential tool for any musician. Practicing the recorder Vital as it is, anyone who plays in a musical ensemble knows the limitations of practicing on one’s own.  An ensemble session is always going to be [...]

App For Chamber Musicians

PlayScore 2 is an app for string chamber musicians that augments the paper score with a magic active score that can not only play the music, but that you can use to practice and to learn how the music and the ensemble fits together. Most music notation apps either 1)  Display music so the music as a substitute for [...]

An app for Ukulele players

The uke is an incredibly fun instrument to play, and this app for ukulele players is making our instrument more accessible and easier to learn for everyone. The uke is not just for traditional ukulele numbers like Blue Moon or Alaska’s Flag.  You can play the uke in ukulele bands, in jazz bands or even with an orchestra in [...]

Music App For String Quartets

What would the ideal app for string quartets?  Maybe an app isn’t the first thing you would think of in connection with a musical form that goes back to the 18th century.  But actually the composers of that period, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, would probably have been fascinated an app for string quartets.  After all the 18th century was very [...]

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