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Sibelius Music Notation Software Review

Today, there’s so many music writing programmes but Sibelius Music Notation Software remains one of the most popular. It’s a favourite with students, composers and professional musicians because it’s user-friendly yet versatile. And it gives you lots of different options when inputting your scores. For example, you can use the PlayScore 2 app to import your scores quickly and [...]

Music Scanner App – Playscore 2 Review & Tutorial

Music Scanner App PlayScore 2 Review & Tutorial - By Music Repo on YouTube Step-by-Step Video Tutorial and Review of Playscore 2 2:00 Photograph a score from within Playscore 2 2:32 Demonstration of photographing and playback of score 2:50 Tempo adjustment 3:14 Adding multiple pages from sheet music 3:29 Staff settings – change instrument sounds, volume of [...]

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