Practicing Music

Harmony And Counterpoint

Harmony and counterpoint can be confusing for music students to distinguish at first. This is because counterpoint is a form of harmony, however it is a compositional technique in its own right. While techniques forming two note chords and beyond can be classed as harmony, counterpoint is more specific. Counterpoint is defined as ‘two or more musical lines that [...]

Barbershop Music

Barbershop music is a distinctive a cappella group that is characterised by its close harmony of four-part chords. Originating in the late 19th Century in America and following a revival in the 1930s, the genre is still very much alive and popular today. The barbershop quartet is probably the most well known grouping for this style as barbershop music [...]

Backing Vocals

The popularity of backing vocals soared in the 1950s and 60s with an explosion of groups who brought vocal harmonies to the forefront of pop music. Sometimes these harmonies sing ‘ooh’s and ‘ah’s, and other times they support the lyrics and sing the same words as the lead vocal. Other well-used lyrical harmony techniques include singing in a canon, [...]

Music Degrees

There are lots of different types of music degrees that specialise in all kinds of areas within music and sound. Lots of institutions will combine areas and specialisms, however there are a few ways of categorising the main areas of study. Undergraduate music degrees mainly fall within three classifications: BMus – Bachelor of Music BA – Bachelor of Arts [...]

Practicing Vocal Duets

Whether you’re practicing vocal duets of choral music, classical pieces, opera, musical theatre or pop styles, the elements of an effective vocal duet are surprisingly uniform. Effective practice and performance technique for singing in a duo crosses style and genre, and comes down to a few universal points that can help hone your performance to make it a memorable [...]

Guitar Duets

Guitar duets are an excellent medium for showing off the potential of the instrument in a variety of styles and genres. A guitar duo also works well for performing arrangements of popular pieces that were composed for other instruments. Most often a guitar duet will be split with one guitar playing the melody and one performing the accompaniment. This [...]

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