Types of Guitar

Nowadays we have many different types of guitar, however the instrument has a fascinating history, as the guitar’s true origin has never been conclusively proven. Similar stringed instruments evolved over the years, but we do know that the guitar as we know it developed in Spain. Because the lute was a popular stringed instrument during the Renaissance, many believed [...]

Religious Music

Religious music (also known as sacred music) is defined as anything that has been written as devotional to any given faith. Many stone tablets depicting hymns have been uncovered from ancient times, with The Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal believed to be the oldest piece of religious music ever to be uncovered at over 3,400 years old. You can listen [...]

Music For Trad Jazz Bands

Whatever style of jazz you’re interested in, PlayScore 2 can be a useful addition to your toolkit. The app can read your standard printed notation and playback your scores – meaning PlayScore 2 can be utilised as an interactive backing track and improvisational practice device. With the app, you can learn established ‘jazz standards’, play in Swing mode or simply [...]

Harmony And Counterpoint

Harmony and counterpoint can be confusing for music students to distinguish at first. This is because counterpoint is a form of harmony, however it is a compositional technique in its own right. While techniques forming two note chords and beyond can be classed as harmony, counterpoint is more specific. Counterpoint is defined as ‘two or more musical lines that [...]

Barbershop Music

If you’re a barbershop expert or just starting out, PlayScore 2 can be used as an interactive practice tool for harmonising and learning pieces of music. Using Optical Music Recognition technology, PlayScore 2 will playback your sheet music and accompany you. The app’s built-in functions such as adjustable tempo control and looping options provide an effective and independent way [...]

Backing Vocals

The popularity of backing vocals soared in the 1950s and 60s with an explosion of groups who brought vocal harmonies to the forefront of pop music. Sometimes these harmonies sing ‘ooh’s and ‘ah’s, and other times they support the lyrics and sing the same words as the lead vocal. Other well-used lyrical harmony techniques include singing in a canon, [...]

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