Harmony And Counterpoint

Harmony and counterpoint can be confusing for music students to distinguish at first. This is because counterpoint is a form of harmony, however it is a compositional technique in its own right. While techniques forming two note chords and beyond can be classed as harmony, counterpoint is more specific. Counterpoint is defined as ‘two or more musical lines that [...]

Easy Guitar Pieces

Finding easy guitar pieces can be easier said than done: the guitar is such a versatile instrument that there are pieces ranging from rock ‘n’ roll all the way to classical concertos! When searching for easy pieces for the guitar, it’s good to have a genre in mind to help narrow your search. When tracking down classical guitar pieces [...]

Sight Reading Exercises

Sight Reading Exercises When students are preparing for music exams it can be difficult to practice and improve sight reading without a teacher present. In bands and singing groups alike, it can also prove challenging for those who are not confident sight readers to learn their parts without aural assistance. This is where the PlayScore interactive playback features come [...]

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