If you have an Android of an iOS smartphone or a tablet that takes a good image there is now a way to scan sheet music straight into your PC or Mac far more cheaply than by buying one of the heavyweight music scanning apps. The answer PlayScore. Even though PlayScore is an app it actually contains an incredibly powerful music scanning engine. You can get a pretty excellent result by just snapping a page of music with the device camera. But even higher quality can be got by pointing PlayScore at a good quality scan or at a music image obtained online. The images have to be JPGs, one page per image.

Once you have your images ready, say on your PC the best way to do this is to hook your Android device up to the PC and open two File Explorer windows. The first one shows the download directory on the device, the other the image directory on the PC. First drag the images to the download window. Now switch to the device and bring up PlayScore Pro (it has to be PlayScore Pro because Lite doesn’t have the MusicXML output).

Its then simply a matter of running the images through Plascore Pro one at a time. And that couldn’t be simpler. Tap the disk icon, select the image and tap the eye button, and when it’s done, save. The MusicXML file(s) will then be sitting right there in your PC File Explorer window – the one showing the download directory. Drag them to the local window and there it is on your PC, ready to drop into any of the free music notation programs such as MuseScore. Magic!