Music OCR or OMR (Optical Music Recognition) has a long reputation for being a difficult computing problem. Sure there are apps that can do it. But to get that kind of capability into your own app – well forget it! Or at least until now…

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We all know that there a million smartphone/tablet music readers out there. They can all download a PDF, but how many of them can actually play the music? Well none. Or at least only those that import music already in a playable format. Why is this? Because until now OMR technology has been the province of a few heavyweight PC apps – and not available to anyone else. Well now that’s all set to change. Because for the first time you can license a powerful state of the art multi-platform library that can be built into any app or application at realistic prices. The library? ReadScoreLib. You can find the details here And not only is this library as powerful as any, it has some features others don’t. Worth a look? if you are a a school music department, a music college writing smartphone apps for your students, a music publisher or a music software developer – then definitely.