Managing your subscription

PlayScore is sold by

  • iPhones and iPads – Apple App Store

  • Android devices – Google Play Store

  • Windows PCs – The Microsoft Store

To manage or cancel a subscription, go to the store for your platform.  You can reach the correct store through the Store button in the PlayScore app. Alternatively, you can go straight to the store from the AppStore or Google Play apps on your device.  On Windows, you can reach your account through the Start button.

Microsoft account from the Start button

Click the Start button.  You should then see your profile picture upper right.  Click there and then ‘Manage account’.  On the page that follows. click ‘Microsoft account’.


  • Apple iOS – Type ‘Apple report a problem’ into your browser to find the page for your location.  You can apply for a refund there.

  • Google Play – For a purchase in the last week please email

  • Windows – Microsoft does not offer refunds on Windows subscriptions.  However, if you cancel before the end of your free trial you won’t be charged.