PlayScore is very accurate so long as you have a good camera and as long as the photo is good!  If you have a good camera but are getting poor results, the answer is something to do with the photo. Try the following:

  • Use lots of light – Daylight is ideal. A flash is often counterproductive because the illumination is patchy.
  • Stand the page up vertically – not on a horizontal surface.
  • Make sure the music is not curled up – the flatter the better.
  • Make sure the image is square on the screen – line the sides of the music up with the sides of the screen – make sure measure lines are vertical.
  • Don’t cut off parts of the music – the left edge where the clefs are is especially important
  • Make sure the focus is crisp – some cameras take a little time to focus.

NB Use a phone if possible – phones have better cameras than tablets.

If one shot isn’t very good take another.  It can take a little trial and error to learn a good technique.