PlayScore 2 can separate parts in a score and play them at independently adjustable volumes, but it cannot generate separate notation for those parts that you can print or export. However our companion product SeeScore 2 can do this using the MusicXML exported from PlayScore 2. If you have a score but no parts, PlayScore 2 and SeeScore working together can generate them. SeeScore is an iPad ‘sheet music reader’ app, but because it understands MusicXML it combines some of the features of a notation editor:

  • Create clean notation from your scan
  • Play the music
  • Act as an electronic music stand, supporting Airturn devices to turn pages
  • Transpose the notation and the playback into any key
  • Generate parts from a score (screen only)

If you have the SeeScore app you will see Copy to SeeScore as an option when you share a MusicXML file. SeeScore can create a fresh score from your scanned music as well as parts, and you can use Airturn devices to turn the pages. Find SeeScore in the App Store.