Play a score from the IMSLP site

With PlayScore 2 you can play any good quality PDF score and export the results as MusicXML or MIDI.

To listen to one of the scores on the IMSLP site go to the IMSLP as you usually would in Safari, and find the score you want. Once you are looking at your score, all you have to do is tap the export icon. You will see:

Copy to PlayScore 2

as an option. That’s it. PlayScore 2 will show you all the score’s pages as thumbnails. Tap on any of the thumbnails to see it full size below.

Now select the pages you want to play: tap just above the first and just below the last. Then tap done.

Tip – not all IMSLP scores are good enough quality for optical recognition. So try selecting a single page at first so that you can listen to the results quickly. You can always tap the button upper right to make a new page selection.

For many works IMSLP has several scores. In these cases, try the bottom one first. If that one is poor quality try another.

If there are mistakes, try adjusting the sampling slider on the document settings Cog.

If the score has transposing instruments turn on Auto Transposition Cog.