PlayScore 2 is designed to allow the musical director of a choir or ensemble to create practice resources for singers and players.  Play-My-Part and Music-minus-one arrangements can be shared with others free.  The director needs a subscription to make the practice scores, but the singers/players can play and interact with them free.

  • Once you have scanned the music, save it as a PlayScore document to iCloud, Google drive or Dropbox and import it back into PlayScore 2 once for each part.  Add part names to the title as you go.  That gives you one document for each voice

  • Adjust part volumes for each voice-document as appropriate (see Play-My-Part)

  • Lock each document (tap lock symbol) and email them to the musicians:  Tap Select, and then tap the document (long-tap on Android devices).  Then tap the export icon and choose ‘Save/Share Document’.  When you see the sharing screen select email and send

Your ensemble members should first download PlayScore 2 on their iOS, Android  or Windows device.  They won’t have to pay.  When they get your email they tap on the attachment and choose ‘Copy to PlayScore 2’.  They will then be able to interact with the music just as you did.