When you share a PlayScore 2 Playable Score Document you are sharing the whole PlayScore 2 experience.  Anyone who receives your document will be able to play it and follow the music just as you do.  This is free; they don’t need a subscription.  They will be able to start from any measure, change tempo, create loops and more.

  • From the Documents screen, tap Select and then one or more document thumbnails (for Android devices, long-tap the document)

  • Tap the share/export icon Upload Icon

  • Send the document, eg by email

When someone receives your document, as long as they have an iPhone, iPad or Android device they will be able to play it.  To do this they must first have downloaded PlayScore 2 from the App Store.  This is free; they don’t need a subscription.  If the document comes in an email they just tap on the attachment and choose ‘Send to PlayScore 2’


Sometimes it is useful to prevent the recipient from accidentally changing the Document.  Say you are a choir leader and you want to send Play-my-part voice separations to your singers.  You might want to lock the Document so it can’t be changed unintentionally.  To do this just tap the padlock symbol top right before export.

If you want to share a score with someone who has an Android device of a PC, you can still send a MIDI file.  See Sharing a MIDI file.