Playback depends on a good photo.  Tap Help on the camera screen for swipeable help on taking the best photo.

Start your score on the Documents screen.  Tap the camera icon to take the first picture.   PlayScore 2 will then switch to the Play screen and start playing

  • Adjust the slider at the bottom to change tempo

  • Swipe left to recapture (hard left to go straight to the camera)

  • Twist with two fingers if the page is the wrong way up

  • Tap the camera Camera Icon to capture the next page (if you don’t have a subscription this just recaptures the first page)

  • Tap the Cogwheel Cogto change dynamic range, handle transposing instruments and more

  • Tap Done to go back to the Documents screen.  You can return any time by tapping the document thumbnail

NB if your score contains transposing instruments you will need to turn on the Auto transpose feature.  Tap the cogwheel and then tap Auto transposition.

Most music is portrait shaped, but PlayScore 2 works just as well in landscape if the music is wide.

After the first, keep tapping the camera to add pages.  PlayScore 2 always plays a new page at once (without repeats) so you can judge whether to recapture.  At the same time PlayScore 2 builds the whole piece in the background.

  • Scroll to any page and swipe left to delete or recapture

  • Tap the Rearrange Reorder button top right to move pages around.  Drag pages left or right to change their position, or swipe up to delete

  • Tap the Import symbol  import to add a saved photo or an image

  • Tap Done to go back to the Documents screen

Tip: the better the picture the better the result – See Camera help.