Playback or export gives poor results

In many cases the two Control Panel image adjustments can greatly improve poor results.  These are easy to try.  See Adjustments for poor images.

If results are poor, the problem us usually something to do with the image.

  • For music captured with the camera see Camera help above
  • Screenshots and especially direct photos of another screen will give poor results.  Use the original paper music or of PDF score
  • Some PDF scores are too low resolution or poor quality for optical recognition.  Most music can be obtained in full resolution.  This includes virtually all commercially published music.  See Creating a Playable PDF above
  • JPG images must be high resolution.  If a JPG is less than 1.5 Megabytes it is probably low resolution
  • Scans should be made at 300DPI.  Scans below 300DPI may lack sufficient detail.  We don’t recommend scanning at a higher DPI than 300.

Poor recognition

This can be due to poor image quality, or it could be that you have one of the unsupported types of score.  These are

handwritten music, or music printed in a novelty font designed to look handwritten.  Some jazz fonts fall into this category, for example Real Books.

some small or old fashioned hymn books – old hymn books are sometimes printed in a way not seen in other music.  These can scan poorly.

Processing fails

If there was a problem scanning a score, the score icon on the Documents screen will show an exclamation mark.  Tap the document to go to the Play screen and see what’s wrong.   Usually there will be a bubble indicating the problem.  Problems are normally on a specific page.  You can tell which page it is by looking for one showing an exclamation mark.  If there is no exclamation mark, you can narrow down the problem page by selecting to process small groups of pages in turn.  To do this tap the icon upper left – See Creating a playable PDF

In case of scanning problems the Status (tap the cogwheel) will show more information.

If the problem is in a photographed score, the first thing to try is to recapture the page and rescan (tap the refresh symbol).  If this doesn’t work, or the score is a PDF or from scanned images, try eliminating the page and rescan.  Alternatively a different setting for the PDF Processing slider may correct the problem.  Once localised to a particular page you can use masking to narrow the problem down even further to the measure, allowing the page to play.

You can always rescan at any time by tapping the rescan icon in the Control panel.

Ask us

We are very good at solving PlayScore 2 problems.  Most of the time we fix the problem.

Please feel free to send us any score that doesn’t give good results (  We can often fix the problem or offer help.