Sometimes the best results are obtained by scanning music using a hardware document scanner.  A scanner is usually better than the best camera, and it can be easier to get a good square image with even lighting.

You can create a multi-page PlayScore 2 document from scanned pages just as you can with other images and photos.  If the scanned images are in your photos, go to the camera screen as if you were taking a picture, but instead of tapping the capture button, tap Photos instead.  If your scanned images are elsewhere, eg iCloud then tap the import symbol.

When scanning with a desktop scanner always use 300DPI for music.  Lower than 300 can lose detail, but higher will not improve results, just take longer.

Results are usually best with color or greyscale images.  Use a medium brightness setting and avoid results that are very black of very light.  Monochrome images will also work.

NB never use a scanner app with PlayScore 2.  Images from scanner apps may look good but in fact vital information from the music is lost.  PlayScore 2 has its own image processing internally and this is specifically designed for music.