Percussion and drums

PlayScore for iOS and Windows supports standard percussion/drum notation on a normal 5-line staff using the percussion (neutral) clef. Clefs other than the percussion clef play in the piano sound by default but percussion staves always play as percussion.  PlayScore [...]

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PlayScore 2 will observe repeats written into your music, but sometimes it is useful to be able to repeat a short section.  This can help if you are learning a piece and want to play a passage over and [...]

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Sharing a PlayScore 2 Document

When you share a PlayScore 2 Playable Score Document you are sharing the whole PlayScore 2 experience.  Anyone who receives your document will be able to play it and follow the music just as you do.  This is free; [...]

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Accompaniment and Music-minus-one

A Music-minus-one score is a PlayScore 2 Playable Score with one part (usually the solo part) muted. Music-minus-one lets you practice your solo part to an accompaniment. Tap the Staves icon bottom left Locate the staff with [...]

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PlayScore 2 allows you to adjust the volume of each part in the music independently, and assign a different instrument to each staff. Play-My-Part Whatever part you sing or play, PlayScore 2 can play just that part on its [...]

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Creating a Playable PDF

To access PDF scores you need a Professional subscription to PlayScore 2.  Please tap the Store button to see options for your country. Any good quality high resolution PDF score should play well.  Most published PDF scores are of [...]

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Camera help – don’t miss!

Playback depends on the picture you take.  If it doesn't play well the reason is usually the picture Use paper music.  Screenshots or pictures of a screen give poor results Use good light and stand the music up to [...]

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Start a new score using the camera

Playback depends on a good photo.  Tap  on the camera screen for swipeable help on taking the best photo. Start your score on the Documents screen.  Tap the camera icon to take the first picture.   PlayScore 2 will [...]

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