Forte music notation software has three versions that cater to professionals and beginners alike. The focus of Forte 12 across all versions is to make an intuitive program that enables creators to make music quickly and easily. 

The features within Forte aim to help users to work more proficiently. The score wizard and extensive input palette perform as timesaving devices for more advanced musicians, while also assisting learners or those who are less confident. Features such as the ‘music ruler’ in Forte 12 is a great example of this; placed above the score, the ‘music ruler’ clearly marks the beats of a bar, and thus eliminates time-consuming input errors. Forte music also includes the Bandora virtual music arranger & composer software, which helps create accompaniment parts to users’ scores. Forte software includes 100 instrument playback sounds, MIDI input and live recording options as well as MusicXML import and export. 

Forte music notation software is Windows compatible, and all prices include free regular updates. Their 3 versions are tailored largely to meet users’ instrumentation needs: 

Forte Premium

Forte 12 Premium is aimed at those who want to make professional level scores. This edition can handle: 32 instruments per system, 16 verses per staff, 8 voices per staff, MIDI live recording, and offers WAV & MP3 audio export, and MusicXML import and export. Forte Premium is priced at USD $229, and a 30 day free trial is available. 

Forte Home

Forte 12 Home can be used for up to: 16 instruments per system, 6 verses per staff, 4 voices per staff, MIDI live recording, WAV & MP3 audio export, and MusicXML import. For those who don’t need as much power, Forte Home edition is a good option at USD $99.

Forte Basic

Forte 12 Basic is ideal for beginners, offering up to 4 instruments per system, 1 verse per staff, 2 voices per staff and MIDI step input, WAV audio export, and MusicXML import. Forte Basic is priced at USD $24.

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Whether you’re using Forte Basic, Forte Home or Forte Premium, PlayScore 2 can help streamline the creation process. Importing MusicXML to Forte software is quick, easy and accurate with the PlayScore 2 app, meaning you can concentrate on making music.

By Michelle Sciarrotta.

Photo from Forte Notation website.

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