How do you add music recognition for an app?  Suppose you already develop a music notation app.  And suppose you want to add music scanning or music OCR (OMR) to your application.  Why?  Well in most cases, probably because it is a great additional way for users to get their music into your app.  Without it your notation app is limited to formats like MusicXML.

Well until rectly that hasn’t been so easy, particularly if you want to support mobile platforms.  But now there is a simple answer: ReadScoreLib from Dolphin Computing.  ReadScoreLib has a beautifully simple API and comes with everything you need to build optical music recognition  into your software.  ReadScoreLIb has two main APIs.  The first takes an image in memory, the second accepts a list of one or more image names.  Both APIs generate a MusicXML and a MIDI file.  Added to this there is a wealth of printed music analysis options and additional outputs you can request.  You can get the complete Music OCR SDK (OMR SDK) documentation for ReadScoreLib from Dolphin, and the system comes with buildable examples of the use of each API.  Best of all this music reading library is super fast (2 seconds per page on a PC, 4 on iOS) and highly accurate.