Why Music to XML?  If you want to scan sheet music into a notation program, scan printed music into the iPad or get music from a book into your phone, and do so in a way that lets notation apps import it, then you are going to need to turn a photo of the music into MusicXML.  MusicXML is the lingua franca of music for electronic devices.  If you have your music in this format, virtually any notation software will read it.  This is great, but how on earth do you get the music from your book of songs or Chopin waltzes into your device?  if only there was some easy way to snap a photo, press a button and create a MusicXML file.  Well here’s some good news:  PlayScore 2. PlayScore 2 is an amazing app for Android, iOS and Windows which does exactly that.  Snap the music … have the MusicXML.  Simple.  Because PlayScore 2 outputs MusicXML it works for virtually any music notation software: Music arranging software, part extraction, transposition, or just plain performance.