MusicXML software is the umbrella term for programs that can read and understand the language of music notation interchange known as MusicXML. MusicXML works in the same way as a .jpg or .txt document does: the information in that file can be opened, read and edited in any number of programs. If we think of MusicXML in this way, as the lingua franca of music for electronic devices, its possibilities can be appreciated and easily understood.

MusicXML is a better option than MIDI when working with notation, because it was created specifically to include all the nuances, direction and information that sheet music holds. With this in mind, specialist music notation software is the first and most popular destination for many users. Often those who are familiar with Sibelius, Dorico, MuseScore, Finale, and similar will maximise on these programs MusicXML interchange capabilities and will easily be able to incorporate MusicXML into their established program of choice.

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While these music software programs are well known for traditional scoring and MusicXML compatibility, there are others that are innovating how we interact with scores and MusicXML. Symphony Pro and StaffPad are two XML compatible music notation software programs that have been created specifically for iPad and pen-and-touch tablet devices. Similarly, the Frettable app is an interesting development in MusicXML compatible software. It transcribes audio from electric guitar and other instruments into sheet music that can be saved as MusicXML.

We tend to think of MusicXML software programs as something predominantly for classical music, but this is not the case. Popular studio DAWs such as Cubase and Logic Pro incorporate MusicXML, broadening the possibilities of how we compose, record and share music information throughout the creative process.

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Whichever MusicXML software you like to use, PlayScore 2 is a great way to get your sheet music to XML. The app can take your music scores from printed music or PDF and easily create a MusicXML file that can be opened in hundreds of compatible software programs. The possibilities for working on your MusicXML files are smarter and faster than ever before thanks to PlayScore 2.