Noteflight Music Notation Software is a browser-based application designed to enable users to create, teach, share, sell and purchase music.

Noteflight Music Notation Software is a multi-functional browser-based application. The Noteflight programs are interesting because they run online, unlike most traditional software that is downloaded onto a device. Noteflight software is compatible across all devices, and the ethos behind Noteflight is to enable users to create, teach, share, sell and purchase music easily, wherever they are.

There are several different versions of Noteflight. The free option Noteflight Basic allows users to create and share up to 10 scores, import and export MusicXML and MIDI files and purchase scores on Noteflight Marketplace. Noteflight Basic also includes access to online community groups, encouraging connections with other musicians.  

Noteflight Premium

For those needing something meatier, there is Noteflight Premium. Composers can create unlimited scores, share them privately, and easily sell them on Noteflight Marketplace. Some impressive technical features in Noteflight Premium include: the option to record live audio into scores to hear during playback, real-time transcription of MIDI instruments, and intuitive transposition and playback controls featuring over 85 high-quality instrument sounds.

Noteflight Premium offers a 30 day free trial, and is priced at a monthly option of $7.95, annually at $49, or at the lifetime price of $299.

Noteflight Learn

Noteflight Learn is created with music education in mind. Perfect for teachers and online learners, this option prioritises user safety and offers a secure, private purpose-built website. Designed to work in harmony with Google Classroom and Learning Management Systems across all devices, Noteflight Learn includes all of the features in Noteflight Premium. A modern solution to teach classes, assign, receive and mark work from students in a safe and easy way, Noteflight Learn also offers an assortment of existing lessons and scores from Hal Leonard and other publishers to all users.

Noteflight Learn offers a free trial for 60 days for up to 50 users, and is priced at $69 per year.

Noteflight Marketplace

Noteflight Marketplace is an easy way to find, purchase and print music scores. Users can even adapt the notation; a nice addition for teachers, arrangers and musicians of all kinds. Featuring a huge array of legal sheet music for sale, Noteflight Marketplace is compatible with all plans and devices, which is largely what makes Noteflight music notation software so appealing.

Scan music into Noteflight

Creators can scan music into Noteflight as a MusicXML file in minutes with PlayScore 2. The app can be used to import music scores into Noteflight, easily transferring music scores into any Noteflight music notation software version with speed and accuracy.

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