Notion 6 for musicians and composers blends professional music notation software (e.g., import/export audio, MIDI and MusicXML to PlayScore 2) with DAW capabilities.

Notion 6 music notation software is a professional standard program for music creators. Notion 6 has all the features expected from music notation software, such as importing and exporting capabilities across audio, MIDI and MusicXML formats. However, what sets Notion 6 software apart from others is that the program is a blend of notation software and DAW. Notion 6 is made by PreSonus, who are perhaps best known for the PreSonus Studio One DAW. The two are integrated in Notion 6, giving users the best of both worlds.

Notion 6 – Key Features

The merging of notation software and DAW capabilities makes creating in Notion 6 intuitive and accessible for any musician, regardless of their preferred method of working; users can input notes on a traditional score, or write parts by hand and convert them to digital notation thanks to the McScript handwriting recognition technology. Alternatively, music can be played in with a MIDI instrument on the program’s virtual keyboard, fretboard or drum pad.

The Notion 6 instrument library is full of high-quality recorded instruments, including orchestral samples performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, choir and pipe organ samples, and band instruments including guitar, bass and drums.

Notion 6 – Music Composition and Performance

Notion 6 can be used to perform scores in a live setting, and built-in audio effects such as a limiter, compressor and EQ plugins give DAW-level control to the sound. For music composers writing to picture, there is a video window – another benefit of the PreSonus integration. The software works across both PC and Mac and is compatible with tablets and phones, meaning users can transfer scores from a computer to an iOS device and edit from there.

Notion 6 music notation software is incredibly well-rounded, and is designed to enable a music composer, music producer or live performer to streamline their process and eliminate the need for multiple programs. Priced at £128.40, the software is suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike, and is usable for those who confidently work with notation and those who don’t.

Notion 6 and PlayScore 2

PlayScore 2 can make the creative process even easier when working with Notion 6 software. PlayScore 2’s Optical Music Recognition technology makes music scanning quicker and more accurate than ever before, enabling creators to move their sheet music from PlayScore 2 into Notion 6 in minutes.

Blog by Michelle Sciarrotta.

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