How to convert sheet music to XML

If you have an Android of an iOS smartphone or a tablet that takes a good image there is now a way to scan sheet music straight into your PC or Mac far more cheaply than by buying one of the heavyweight music scanning apps. The answer PlayScore. Even though PlayScore is an app it actually contains an incredibly powerful [...]

Developers: How to write an app that recognises music

Music OCR or OMR (Optical Music Recognition) has a long reputation for being a difficult computing problem. Sure there are apps that can do it. But to get that kind of capability into your own app – well forget it! Or at least until now… We all know that there a million smartphone/tablet music readers out there. [...]

Why do music scanning programs balk at tremolo notation?

If you are a session player, an orchestral musician or a conductor, you know that most orchestral parts, symphonic scores, opera reductions etc. have yards of tremolo style notation. Whenever you get repeated notes, alternating two-tone patterns and the like they are seldom written out longhand. But try and put this kind of music through an OMR [...]

Music scanning doesn’t have to be expensive

Have you ever thought of buying a music scanning package? I mean a program that turns printed music into sound and real notation? These programs often go by the name of good OMR (Optical Music Recognition). You feed in the music and they do the magic of turning it into notation. If you have then you might [...]

Music +1 from a photo

Are you a singer? An instrumentalist – violin, flute saxophone, recorder… And do you wish you had an accompanist on hand, any time of the day or night ready to accompany you whenever you feel like picking up your instrument? This can be a big problem for a serious player or a singer professional or amateur. Most [...]