Practicing With A Backing Track

Whether you’re a singer or an instrumentalist, backing tracks make practicing a lot more realistic when working towards a duet or ensemble. While accompaniment tracks have come a long way in recent years, it can sometimes be tricky to find lesser-known pieces, or certain versions or arrangements that we need. Worse still, some pieces are only available on expensive and impractical CD or mp3 formats, or as poor quality karaoke tracks.

This is where PlayScore 2 can help. PlayScore 2 is an intelligent music scanning app that is perfect for use as an interactive backing track player. Simply download the PlayScore 2 app and you can start hearing your music scores with the built in playback features instantly.

Once you have taken a photo of your music in PlayScore, you can edit the interactive playback features and create a customised accompaniment track for learning your music.

It’s easy to edit the tempo, simply drag the bar left for slow, right for fast. This can be placed wherever you wish as you learn and practice your piece. Unlike a standard backing track, you can slow the music down for clarity without changing the pitch, and work up to full speed by sliding the tempo bar.

Download PlayScore 2

PlayScore for Windows

The App That Sight Reads Sheet Music.

If you are using PlayScore 2 as an interactive accompaniment recording, you’ll simply need to lower your stave volume by sliding the bar all the way down in the ‘staff play settings’. All of the music staves in your piece will be visible and can be edited here, simply scroll down to see them all. This is also where you can change the instrument sounds to any of the 18 instrument playback options in PlayScore.

Now you should have your accompaniment exactly as you want it to sound straight from your sheet music score. You can make further changes to your playback controls as you get more confident, such as speeding up the tempo and lowering the volume of your stave. PlayScore 2 is an effective tool for hearing your pieces quickly and easily, and the app can be used as a helpful learning device and interactive backing track instrument.