Technology for practising music has made some amazing recent developments in recent years. Music apps and software have become more accessible than ever, helping musicians practise all elements of music. A great example of this are the many free online metronomes and apps and that are invaluable to have nowadays.

Not only that PlayScore 2 can export your music MIDI or MusicXML to DAWs and score editors like MuseScore.

PlayScore 2

One of the most useful music apps you can get is PlayScore 2.  With PlayScore 2 you can play any music straight from a photo, a PDF or an image.  If you don’t read music you can hear what it sounds like, or you can have PlayScore accompany you as you sing or play your instrument – and in any key.  If you sing in a choir you can isolate your part on its own or with the others in the background.

Online Music Lessons

For students, online lessons and courses are becoming increasingly popular – our friends at Piano Marvel have created an interactive, independent method for learners that works across Windows, Mac and iOS. There are online music lessons for almost all instruments and music theory nowadays, opening up new ways of practising music with technology.

Music Composition

For those learning compositional techniques and styles, there are many great options available for both notation-based and technology-based creators. Most music software programs will assist users to understand correct instruments and groupings, ranges, and aural timbres and frequencies. For musicians practising music composition, check out some of our favourite music notation software and DAW’s.

Download PlayScore 2

PlayScore for Windows

The App That Sight Reads Sheet Music.


Another excellent way to utilise technology for practising music is to combine visual, aural and kinaesthetic learning styles together in an interactive score. The MuseScore website and app for iOS and Android offers a fantastically quick and easy to use notation player that can help learners make sense of sheet music. Hosting a collection of both well-known and original pieces, MuseScore can be a great tool for practising music and learning pieces. Users can slow the tempo, solo, mute or edit instruments, and follow scores in real time to better understand rhythm and pitch.