MusicXML is an interchange format for music notation. MusicXML is the lingua franca of music for electronic devices because it can be read in virtually any notation software. While MIDI is still an excellent tool for sharing music files, MusicXML is superior when you are working with notation as this format was built specifically for notation as it obeys the laws of music theory. For example, while being aurally accurate, MIDI does not know how to differentiate between enharmonic equivalents for the correct use within a key, does not apply transcription rules for beams and stems, nor does it apply performance markings and other directions that are specific to music notation.

MusicXML is a format that works in the same way as a .txt or .xls or .jpg format does: the information can be shared and viewed in any program that supports it, so MusicXML files can be used to share interactive sheet music with others even if they are using different programs. For example, your ensemble could each open the same MusicXML with one person using Sibelius, another using MuseScore, and other members of your group all opting for different programs again such as Finale and Dorico – over 240 applications are currently compatible. If you are working with MusicXML, you can send files back and forth between programs without any issues.

PlayScore 2 is an easy way to scan your sheet music and convert to MusicXML. The app lets you get your printed music or PDF into digital format so that you can create a MusicXML file in just a few easy steps. PlayScore 2 can help you get your scores into your device and make interactive sheet MusicXML files in the press of a button whether you are using a phone or tablet on iOS or Android.