Ines is a music teacher who runs a teaching studio. As she teaches children, she feels that it is important for her to instil good technique in them from a young age. However, she recalls that they don’t have someone to play along with them at home. They may not have a practice device to help improve their scales, etudes or if they cannot find a recording of a piece to listen to on YouTube.

This is when Ines found PlayScore 2 and trialled it with her students. She now incorporates the app into her teaching because its camera capture of scores makes it easy to use for students of any age. Moreover, the app enables her pupils to practise their music in a variety of ways.

Here is what Ines had to say about it:

App For Music Teachers

I took a camera shot of the music sheet, selected an instrument, and clicked PLAY. That was it! The app not only played exactly what was written, but I could also adjust the tempo, slow down as much as I wanted, increase it and/or set the exact tempo of the performance. The perfect exercise tool!

The scales have become much cleaner and the songs accurate.

If you’re a music teacher, you should definitely recommend PlayScore 2 to your students. You’ll soon be impressed by how much they have improved when they use it regularly in their home practice.