Previously, our customer would have to purchase and practise from a range of books and sheet music. Now, with PlayScore 2 her workflow is far easier.   With PlayScore 2 she can snap with her camera or locate scores online and import them straight into the app. Now she has instant access to a digital piano library and a powerful practice aid that can even play the music as it should sound.

Not only that, PlayScore 2’s part-separated playback means that she can have the app play one hand while she practices the other, and at any tempo.  She can even have PlayScore 2 loop a tricky passage so she can play it over many times.

App For Piano Practice

I take piano lessons and this app is great to capture sheet music and play back. Simple to use. I was able to quickly grab my files from SheetMusicPlus and import.

PlayScore 2 is simply a great piano practice app for any piano student.