Are you a singer practising at home and need an accompanist when you don’t have one? PlayScore 2 is the perfect app for singing practice.

Having experimented with various PC music scanning apps, Edward wanted something more efficient to use so he could practise for his singing lessons. This is when he came across PlayScore 2. Its simple interface meant that he could spend more time practising his singing technique. He could scan and play his scores all from his iPad, and sing along to the accompaniment.

This is what he says about using the app:

I am a solo amateur tenor singer, but take lessons. I do not play the piano and have been looking for an encouraging practice setup. I have played with PC based score scanning software over the years with mixed results. However, your simplicity trumps them all and effectiveness…Using it with an IPad means I can sing off the score on the IPad.

PlayScore 2’s part-separated playback makes the app an ideal practice and accompaniment device for solo singers of all experiences.