Have you been looking for something to accompany you when you’re not able to play music with other people? Could the PlayScore 2 app be the perfect music accompaniment app for you?

Our user tried PlayScore 2 to practise his violin pieces and with a virtual accompanist. Because of the app’s versatility, it meant that he could scan an array of music and alter it to suit his own practice needs.

This is what he said:

Music Accompaniment App

For most of my life, I was bitterly frustrated that I couldn’t rehearse my violin with accompanists because I didn’t have anyone to practice with. Then along came Playscore2 which was a total game-changer for me. Immediately I recognized that Playscore2 is actually a DIGITAL PIANO ROLL that’s a 21st century upgraded version of the old player pianos that people use to sing along with 100 years ago. Suddenly I could read and playback obscure sheet music (including chamber music and orchestral scores), rehearse myself anytime anywhere, generate recordings of myself playing with Playscore2 tracks, and do this all with my own tempo and my own instrumentation.

If you like to practise regularly and need a music accompaniment app, try using PlayScore 2!