Keith sings in a choir and plays the trombone in several ensembles. He has been using PlayScore 2 for several years to practise his music. However, the app’s most powerful asset is the ability to export full scores as MusicXML files for use in notation software. As Keith also works in the technology industry, he has been experimenting with this particular feature in Dorico’s recently released version for iPad.

PlayScore 2 gives Keith a two-in-one solution. Firstly, it allows him to instantly play back sheet music for practising. And secondly, he can import scores from his device into a score editor for further editing, corrections or just getting into the creative aspects of arranging.

Here is what Keith said about the PlayScore 2 workflow with Dorico for iPad:

App For Music Teachers

I am happy to tell everyone that PlayScore 2 from the iPad can send MusicXML files directly to Dorico for iPad. For those not familiar with the technology, you just take a picture of your music with your iPad or iPhone, and it converts it to playable music. Considering how difficult this is, it does a pretty darn good job. Now with Dorico, you can import your music and correct any mistakes directly on your iPad.

PlayScore 2 can scan sheet music and convert to MusicXML. PlayScore 2 is the perfect MusicXML App.