Developers: How to write an app that recognises music

Music OCR or OMR (Optical Music Recognition) has a long reputation for being a difficult computing problem. Sure there are apps that can do it. But to get that kind of capability into your own app – well forget it! Or att least until now…

We all know that there a million smartphone/tablet music readers out there. They can all download a PDF, but how many of them can actually play the music? Well none. Or at least only those that import music already in a playable format. Why is this? Because until now OMR technology has been the province of a few heavyweight PC apps – and not available to anyone else. Well now that’s all set to change. Because for the first time you can license a powerful state of the art multi-platform library that can be built into any app or application at realistic prices. The library? ReadScoreLib. You can find the details here

[insert link] And not only is this library as powerful as any, it has some features others don’t. Worth a look? if you are a a school music department, a music college writing smartphone apps for your students, a music publisher or a music software developer – then definitely.