Finding free sheet music

A wide range of music no longer in copyright is available for free download online.  Most of this is available as PDF scores, and is easy to open and play in PlayScore.  Music composed recently and therefore subject to copyright [...]


Excluded score types

PlayScore understands most types of score published within the last 150 years, and we are constantly widening PlayScore’s coverage. Types currently not supported are: Handwritten music and printed music designed to look handwritten,  This includes jazz fonts such as those found [...]


Contacting us

We love to hear from PlayScore 2 users.  And we are very good at troubleshooting problems.  So if you have an issue, or you just want to ask something please send us an email to  We usually reply [...]



PlayScore 2 recognises the following.  It observes all symbols when playing back the score and when exporting to MIDI MusicXML.  PlayScore 2 for Apple devices also recognises lyrics, text and (normally) guitar chords.  PlayScore 2 for Android does not [...]


IMSLP scores

The popular IMSLP site offers a huge repository of public domain scores for free download.  If you are looking for 18th, 19th or 20th century out of copyright music, try IMSLP. Many of IMSLP's scores will play well [...]


For developers

If you would like to license Optical Music Recognition engine at the heart of PlayScore 2 please see the Developers section of this site.


SeeScore 2

SeeScore 2 is the perfect companion to PlayScore 2, and from the same makers.  SeeScore is an iPhone/iPad 'sheet music reader' app, but because it understands MusicXML it combines some of the features of a notation editor: Create clean [...]



Playback or export gives poor results In many cases the two Control Panel image adjustments can greatly improve poor results.  These are easy to try.  See Adjustments for poor images. If results are poor, the problem us usually something [...]


Reprocessing scores after an app update

PlayScore is regularly updated, and most updates include improvements to the app's Optical Recognition engine. When PlayScore updates itself, it does not normally reprocess your existing scores.  That means you will only see improvements in documents you create after the [...]

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