PlayScore for Windows – the full-feature general purpose sheet music scanner for Windows computers.

With PlayScore on the PC you can play any image or PDF of music notation and convert it to MusicXML, accepted by notation software such as Dorico, Finale, MuseScore and Sibelius.

Using a desktop Windows PC for scanning music with PlayScore is simplicity itself.  Just open a PDF score and PlayScore will immediately play it back to you.  No setup, everything is automatic.

PlayScore for Windows desktop and laptop PCs has all the simplicity and immediacy of the PlayScore app together with the full power of a full desktop music scanner.

PlayScore for Windows

PlayScore for Windows uses all the cores of your PC, giving stunning speed and unequalled accuracy.

PlayScore for Windows

Choirs and Ensembles

For choirs and ensembles – Learning a new piece? PlayScore for the desktop will play through the music on the big screen with your part standing out from the others at the volume you set.

  • Have PlayScore count you in
  • Create loops
  • Add a metronome
  • Change the key

Teachers and Students

Teachers and Students – PlayScore for Windows is ideal for teaching because students can hear their assignments at home on their PC, as they should sound, whatever the instrument.

PlayScore the desktop sheet music reader helps you learn to sight-read music.  It can play the music and show you just how it should sound.  You can play selected passages fast, slow or in a loop.

With PlayScore for Windows you can practice difficult passages at any speed repeating difficult rhythms and at any tempo.  Let the smart metronome help you keep in time.

PlayScore for Windows PCs is the ideal way of teaching music theory.  Analyse the anatomy of the music by separating out parts or emphasizing combinations of voices.

PlayScore on your laptop accompanies you as you play your instrument.  Just open your score and PlayScore will play the keyboard accompaniment while you play the flute, violin or clarinet.

Pianists: PlayScore for Windows can play your assignment just as it should sound.  You can play the left hand while you play the right of visa versa.  Choose a piano, organ or harpsichord sound and let the metronome keep you in time.  PlayScore for your PC will even play in swing time or inégales.

PlayScore music player for Windows computers recognises all the symbols of music notation, not just notes – dynamics, articulation, repeats ornaments, text, lyrics, chord symbols and more.

PlayScore Windows music scanner uses all the power of your PC to scan PDF scores at blistering speed and with amazing accuracy.  Export the scanned notation via MusicXML to any notation software with all symbols including lyrics and text.

  • 19 high quality instruments per staff to choose from
  • Adjust part volumes separately for Play-my-part, and Music-minus-one
  • Change tempo (even while playing)
  • Click with the mouse to play from any point and drag to create a loop
  • Adjustable dynamic range

  • Mute and adjust volume. Change instrument for each staff individually
  • Transpose the whole song or by instrument. Auto-transpose feature accommodates to mixed scores with transposing instruments
  • Adjustable multi-measure count-in and metronome
  • Swing playback