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Brilliant and cleverly constructed.

Take a picture of the score and the app will play it for you – with all the dynamics in place – at a tempo and instrumentation of your choosing. As well as being fun to play with, this part of app reminded me (with some nostalgia) of an up-to-date version of the play-along Music Minus One recordings. But it’s absolutely vital that the quality of your original scan is high enough to get the best playback results. You can access scores directly from ISMLP (International Music Score Library Project), or by exporting and sending them to PlayScore 2 I was bowled over by the ability to change a score’s instrumentation for a completely different playback, which I did with a string quartet. Totally brilliant. PlayScore 2 is a great musical tool that behaves more like a musical spreadsheet. This means  it’s perfect for sharing marked-up parts with others. Whether you’re a choirmaster, conductor or orchestral manager, it’s a real time-saver,  and I can see many ways that this app could  be indispensible. Rating 9/10

BBC Music Magazine, Sept 2020

Miraculous App

I’m really impressed how well this app reads scores. Also the playback is very ‘musical’; all articulations are implemented. Of course it depends on the quality of your input file. But even so, it’s much better than I thought possible.

Extraordinary, essential functionality at a bargain price

I use PlayScore 2 for reading and replaying vocal scores on an iPad, and I cannot imagine being without it. It’s 100% accurate on some complex Bach pieces, drops to 95% where the scan (or errors in the original score?) upsets it but the few occasions when that won’t do I can export to a music editing program to tidy it up.

Support is excellent, I logged a call regarding Family Sharing not working and by 11 am (UK time) next day they provided a solution.

Great app

Best music scanner

Works great and much better than the alternatives I have tried. Also really friendly support, as others have mentioned. I signed up for professional subscription which is definitely worth it for me.

I’m in 8th grade saxophonist and I downloaded this because I have my chair test and it is easier to do when I know if I am close to how it should sound and this appis quite helpful because now I know how I am playing it whether it is close to how should sound or not.

Music Repo

I have had a lot of success with PlayScore 2, it is easy to use and works very well. You can read multiple staves, mute individual instrument lines (or solo them), change the voices in the app, and, even more, you can save the file as MIDI or MusicXML. The files I have created have then imported really well into MuseScore, for further editing (nb you need to use the paid version of MuseScore for this feature, but it is very inexpensive).

In short, PlayScore 2 is a versatile and very powerful music scanning app.

PlayScore 2 is an excellent app for music students at all levels

John Lubbock OBE, Conductor and founder of the Orchestra of St John

Very effective overall

A great app. Great for quick scanning of sheet music for practice.

Technology in Music Education

I’m pleased to be able to recommend PlayScore 2 to you as an additional tool to add to your tool kit. I’d recommend the annual subscription due to the cost savings (only three months of a monthly subscription)

Fantastic app!

The App played score perfectly, easy to use. Perfect

Very good recognition of good quality scores

This is a serious music recognition app with the ability to reliably pick up just about all the details of complex scores. Multi-page PDF files can be loaded and the results of the recognition can also be exported in Music XML, meaning you can load it into most music notation programmes. There are some options for transposing instruments too.

The main caveat here is that you can only expect these excellent results if you use good quality scores. The old computing principle of “garbage in, garbage out” applies. With so many people making scores available freely online it is inevitable that some are of limited quality and this will impair the recognition process, although you will still get some useable results.

The automatic playback of successfully recognised music is particularly flexible and impressive, taking account of phrasing and dynamic markings.

oh my gosh! this thing is awesome! I love reading old hymn books. but I never know how all the songs sound! now I do! thank you so so much

Absolutely brilliant!!! I am using The Essential Phone, and It actually works very well! Didn’t think this kind of thing existed and thought it should be created. Now i have it! Thanks so much! Im showing all my friends!!!

It worked perfectly for me. I have a Google pixel 3 phone which has an excellent camera. I took the picture in bright light & it worked first try. It played the tune back, allowing me to set the tempo with a built in metronome. This is awesome, no idea such an app existed.

A wonderful App and really useful for students

Ian Brown, Pianist for the Nash Ensemble

Assessing PlayScore 2

It is great to see such a capable new product entering the OMR market!

Scoring Notes

Playback is where PlayScore 2 really shines. The playback is very impressive.

Scoring Notes

For a fast and easy to use tool for students, hobbyists and professionals needing a way to quickly hear a piece of sheet music, PlayScore 2 gets a big thumbs up. For exporting to music notation software for editing, it is fast, with impressive accuracy

Great app for singing..

I have been researching score scanning for a few years, mainly on PC, and now find this wonderful app for IOS. I use it on my IPad and works a treat. I have been scanning in some Messiah solos which it has done well taking into account the complexity of music. Also great that one can export as MIDI or MusicXML for DAW or Notation software.

Finally great and passionate support.

Almost 100% perfect!

This app, is perfect for my needs (amateur choir) to get the music and practise a specific part. The play line really helps for practising phrasing and you get the benefit of having the lyrics, which you wouldn’t get if you export to a musicxml app.

It has been accurate in reading the notes, which is amazing it has also saved me hours and hours compared with the last app which I needed to capture a page, export it into MuseScore to join the pages (and the musescore mobile app seems to want a subscription to play it back). I also tried using musescore’s pdf scanner which you have to wait for (it does it on the website) and it had a lot of mistakes, and that was from a scan instead of a photo, with this app I am finding no errors from scans and very few from phone camera (usually my fault with lighting)

It is well worth reading the how to use page on their web site (which didn’t do initially), sometimes there may be a problem with a poor image and the web site tells you how to deal with it.

The app developer is amazingly responsive and when you couple that with how inexpensive it is for a year it is pretty incredible. I probably didn’t need the £14 version as since I have got this I don’t need to export to midi of musicxml, but it is still great value.

I have had the odd quirk, but the app developer is so responsive that I am sure the app will get better and better rapidly.

It gets the job done and its pretty amazing how it can read everything.

When I was a little choirboy I used to dream that the notes on the pages would somehow play themselves for me and I wouldn’t have to figure out how the music was supposed to sound. It has taken a long time but my dream, and I am sure many other people’s, has come true.

The free app Playscore 2 does just that. You can snap a score with your camera and with the latest optical music recognition software it will play the lines of music back to you. It can work with any printed music at all – just open the app, take a photo using the app’s camera icon and it will automatically load and then
play it back at whatever tempo you decide to set it at!

The music play back is indicated with a red line that scrolls bar by bar. You can easily change the tempo, which may help with learning a piece slowly before speeding things up. There are transposing features and loop options. If you decide to go further and upgrade to the full, paid version, you can even export the file as a MusicXML file and open it in other notation programs such as Dorico or Sibelius.

Making Music Magazine

Play Score is an exciting new development which will benefit performers, composers and teachers in a variety of different ways. The chance to quickly hear what is on a page of music will surely be a great help to us all

George Caird, Former Head Birmingham Conservatoire

Love it

I take piano lessons and this app is great to capture sheet music and play back. Simple to use. I was able to quickly grab my files from SheetMusicPlus and import. Worth the subscription fee.

Take a square, well-lit, sharp photo with a modern smartphone, and this software is miraculous. I shot 7-8 sheets of guitar music, and it got 99% of the notes perfectly, so I bought the $10 pro version. Complainers: use the lite version to check whether your camera and processor is good enough. Not to give you valuable software for free. Software developers cost $$$ money. Photoscore and Smartscore are about $200. Playscore 2 pro is only $10. That is an amazing bargain for very cool software.

Learning the violin

Great app to get to know pieces when learning for the first time on the violin.

very good app

I could rely on this app to quickly read my sheet music when I needed and it was, as well, surprisingly accurate. It could read my sheets from photograph and play it back to me. There were some sharp notes it did not read but this was still really good when you think about it. Either way, this app was very smart and i’m so happy I found it when I did.

It worked out perfict for me. It every niw and then will skip a note but not ever too many . it has helped me learn super fast jazz song. Onw thing that woild make it better is if it had the option to choose an instroment ither than piano. Because i play the clarinet and it woild make things a little easier.