Terms of Use for PlayScore II

Terms of Use for PlayScore II2018-12-29T18:28:14+00:00

PlayScore II is owned and operated by Dolphin Computing Ltd and Organum Ltd

These terms of use apply to your use of PlayScore II.  You accept these terms by using PlayScore II.

Questions relating to these terms or to PlayScore II should be directed to support@playscore.co.


PlayScore II is made available on as As Is basis.  We make no claim as to the conformance of PlayScore II to any specification or its suitability for any purpose.  We accept no liability for loss of any kind however occasioned relating to the use of PlayScore II

Reverse engineering

We expressly forbid reverse engineering of PlayScore II or files produced by PlayScore II.  Use of information obtained from PlayScore II or files created by PlayScore II other than in the normal use of the app as described in accompanying documentation is in breach of these terms.

Use of files generated by PlayScore II

The use of MusicXML files and other files generated by PlayScore II is licensed for non-commercial purposes only.  If you wish to use PlayScore II or the output of PlayScore II for any commercial purpose or you are in doubt as to what constitutes commercial use under these terms please email support@playscore.co.

Governing Law

These terms will be construed and determined under the law and in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom