The PlayScore Free Player

The PlayScore free player allows you to play PlayScore documents that others have prepared for you. If you sing in a choir for example your conductor might have prepared a practice document to help you learn your part.

With a PlayScore document you can see the score and listen to whatever the conductor has set up for you. Usually that will be your own voice part, with perhaps the other parts faintly in the background.

If you receive a PlayScore document, say as the attachment to an email, you should be able to double click and see the music in PlayScore right away.  However you might want to save the attachment somewhere convenient in your file system.  To open a PlayScore document double click as you would with any other document type, for example a Word document or a spreadsheet.

Alternatively you can open PlayScore, click on Open document and navigate to your document.

PlayScore documents can also be played on iPhones, iPads, and on Android phones and tablets.  See our home page for details.

In the documents screen you will see all your documents.  Click on a document to play in the Play screen.  To add a new document click Open document.  This will take you to the Play screen.  When you are finished you can tap the back-arrow Back Arrow upper left to return to the Documents screen.

You can reach the Play screen by clicking on a document on the Documents screen.  You can also reach the Play Screen by double clicking a PlayScore document on the desktop or in a folder.

The Play Screen

On the Play screen, click anywhere on the score to play from a measure, or use the buttons to play from the cursor.  You can adjust the tempo with the long slider at the bottom.

Playing A Score

To create a loop click and hold on the first measure you want in the loop, then drag the mouse to the last measure. Release the mouse and click inside the green brackets where you want to start playing. You can stop and start using the play panel, or change the tempo while the loop plays.

To remove the loop click outside the green brackets.


When you have finished working with a document, click on the Back Arrow symbol upper left to go back to the Documents screen.

On the Play screen, the lock symbol upper right shows you that the document you are looking at is locked.  You can play a locked document, but you can’t change it: for example you can’t choose different instruments or another key.  Documents are always locked in the free PlayScore player.

Click on the to see the metronome and count-in controls.

To start the metronome click the Metronome switch

To have PlayScore count you in click + and – to set the number of measures.

The Volume control lets you adjust click volume relative to the music.