PlayScore 2 –  Music Recognition app for iOS, Android and Windows – Play all kinds of music direct from an image

  • New – PlayScore for Windows is out

  • New – Playscore for iOS now supports annotation

  • Choirs and ensembles – Learning a new piece?  Create a Playable Score, so each member can listen to their part on its own or standing out from the others (PlayScore 2 for Choir Directors and Singers – Video)

  • Snap music with your camera or import images and PDFs.  PlayScore 2 will play it right back to you, scrolling through the song following bar by bar

  • Create and share Playable Multi-page Score Documents that anyone can play back using our free interactive player (built into PlayScore 2)

  • Export MIDI and Full Notation MusicXML to score editors like Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, Noteflight and Dorico, with text, dynamics, articulation, trills, turns, repeats, slurs etc, even tremolo, not just notes and rests

  • PlayScore 2 is now faster than ever

  • Play music with count-in and Metronome*

  • Orchestrate your scores – choose from 23 high quality instruments per staff

  • No auto-lock while playing

  • Percussion and drums – Playback and MusicXML*

  • Export with text, lyrics and guitar chords *

* Apple and Windows devices only

PlayScore 2 reads and plays all kinds of music straight off the page

  • Songs

  • Piano, organ, guitar

  • Hymns (small old-style hymnbooks not recommended)

  • Solos and Sonatas

  • Chamber and orchestral

Interact with the music

  • Change tempo (even while playing)

  • Tap anywhere to play, or drag with a finger to create a loop

  • Play-my-part – mute or adjust volume for each part individually.  Supports two parts per staff (eg tenor and bass)

  • Transpose the whole song or by instrument (transposing instruments), or select Auto-transpose and let PlayScore 2 do it for you!

  • Playback with swing/inégales

  • Choose from 23 high quality instruments per staff

PlayScore 2 makes it easy to create multi-page Playable Scores that anyone can play back

  • Go back any time and recapture individual pages

  • Rotate, rearrange and delete pages

  • Select a page range in a long PDF

  • Clip and mask to remove unwanted material (eg where one song ands and another begins on the same page)

  • Adjust dynamic range, repeats, auto-transposition and more

Organise your Playable Score Documents

  • The PlayScore 2 Documents screen shows all your playable scores as thumbnails of the music, displayed sorted and searchable by Title and Composer.  Documents can be locked and shared for anyone to play free

PlayScore 2 recognises full music notation

  • Bars, notes, rests, accidentals including double accidentals

  • All types of tuplet, including triplets, duplets, quintuplets, septuplets ect (both marked and implied)

  • Staff bracketing: grand staff braces, grouped staff brackets etc

  • Measures: bar lines, double bar lines, repeats, 1st and 2nd endings, D.S., D.C., CODA etc

  • Dynamics: f, ff, fff, fz, fp, mf, p, pp etc

  • Hairpins (crescendos and diminuendos)

  • Articulation (>, ^, . – etc)

  • Ornaments trills, turns, mordents etc

  • Tremolo: note strikethrough, alternating, beamed alternating white notes etc

  • Special symbols: fermata, repeat-bar, ottava 8ve etc

  • Fingering for piano, violin etc

  • Slurs, ties

  • Clefs (system and inline): treble, bass (including octave variants), tenor, alto, soprano, c2 etc

  • Key changes: system, inline, cautionary

  • Time signatures: system, inline, cautionary and implied